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Photos & Testimonials from Past Summits

"Excellent. Really got my attention and made me think."

"Very timely...since I'm off to Africa soon."

"The teacher's philosophy and passion were inspiring, and the pictures were wonderful."

"Very interesting class. Demonstrated how to get shots without too much special equipment."

"Fantastic session. Appreciated the instructor's willingness to keep going into the lunch hour."

"Insightful and informative."

"Great to see the actual process of using the flash."

"Imparted huge amount of knowledge in short period."

"Very clear illustrations of how to capture motion."

"Well presented; instructor was full of information and set a good foundation for shooting."

"So much fun and full of ideas."

"Great sessions. One big problem—I often wanted to attend two talks given at the same time."

"Terrific. Great ideas for new ways to look at things."

"I was inspired by the work of other photographers and the great analysis offered."

"Clarified a lot of issues I have with flash...very informative."