Techniques for Creating Photographic Abstracts

Speaker: Frank Smith

People often think of a photograph as something specific and identifiable—a baby, a wedding, a landscape, a sports moment, etc. Oftentimes, what captures Frank’s attention is not something specifically identifiable but something abstract: rust on a train car or maybe  a portion of a chandelier or objects seen in reflections, and so on. Details versus the “whole picture.” (Sometimes Frank isn’t even aware of the existence of the abstract until studying the image on his computer.) Abstract photography opens up a whole new world of photographic possibilities. It enables you to creatively capture textures, patterns, colors, light/shadow relationships, and other interesting visual elements that are so often overlooked. To create photographic abstracts with freshness and high impact, Frank employs several approaches. Some involve your visual mindset; others involve specific camera and processing techniques. Frank explains how he does it.