Almost everyone who take pictures loves to capture travel destinations in photographs. Often we travel just to give our eyes something fresh to visually inspire us. Travel photography is an ever-popular and challenging activity that encompasses a wide range of subjects: people, buildings, landscapes, and more. How to improve your travel pictures−including how to capture the feel of a place and how to get the cooperation of strangers to do that−is the subject of this class. Under the guidance of long-time National Geographic photographer and magazine designer Bob Madden, each student creates a mini-portfolio of various aspects of the Chesapeake City area. Each workshop is different. Past workshops have included photographing the town's architecture and people; sunrises from the bridge above the town; foals on a thoroughbred horsefarm; gospel singing in a local church...and more.

Note: Bob leads workshops in Africa and the Himalayas (not associated with Horizon). See:  ....

Location: Chesapeake City, Maryland
Cost: $350.00
Experience: None Required.
Equipment: Any Camera.
Optional Equipment: Laptop & tripod.
Maximum Class Size: 12
Schedule: Fri 6-8PM; Sat Sunrise-Sunset; Sun 9AM-1PM

Workshop Photos

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sample photo
sample photo
Bob Madden
 Students on Location (To view workshop photos, click here)