Almost everyone photographs architecture, from their own house and neighborhood to travel photos of homes, churches, and other structures--new, old and abandoned. In this class we address the best time of day to shoot, how to compose, lens choice, capturing beautiful building details, combining elements of nature with man-made structures, dealing with "perspective distortion" in the camera and in PhotoShop, combining available and artificial light and capturing people and nature in architectural settings. The class also discusses photographing interiors, including how to supplement existing light with flash and other artificial light sources.

We will spend some time in Chesapeake City, but most of it will be spent in the nearby towns of New Castle and Delaware City, DE which have beautiful historic buildings, including a totally cool military fort that is almost like a ghost town (top photo: New Castle Courthouse; bottom photo: Fort Dupont).

Location: Chesapeake City, Maryland
Cost: $325.00 (Students receive a copy of Steve's Cecil County book.)
Experience: Understanding basic camera functions.
Equipment: Any camera with a wide angle lens.
Optional Equipment: Laptop with program for downloading images.
Maximum Class Size: 10
Schedule: Sat. 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM; Sun. 9 AM - 3:30 PM

Note: Steve is available for portfolio reviews and/or individual instruction prior to, and after, the workshop. Call for details.

Workshop Photos

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sample photo
sample photo
Steve Gottlieb
 Students on Location (To view workshop photos, click here)