Pictures of family, friends, and the people we find on our travels are usually among our most treasured possessions. Capturing another person's likeness can be emotionally fulfilling and creatively challenging, as well as an important record of what they look like. This workshop will enhance your ability to create more evocative and expressive images of real people in their real environment. We cover how to approach and communicate with your subject, how to compose, how to shoot candids and natural looking posed photos, how to construct group portraits, and how to work with available props and backgrounds. We also discuss how to use available light, reflectors, and basic flash. Our subjects are local residents, people who are wandering around our town and fellow students. We shoot at various locations, both inside and outside.

Location: Chesapeake City, Maryland
Cost: $325.00 (Students receive a copy of Steve's Cecil County book.)
Experience: Understanding of basic camera functions.
Equipment: Any camera.
Optional Equipment: Hot-shoe flash; Laptop.
Maximum Class Size: 12
Schedule: Sat 10AM-6:30PM; Sun 9AM-3:30PM

Note: Steve is available for portfolio reviews and/or individual instruction prior to, and after, the workshop. Steve also offers a one-day version of this class for camera clubs and other pre-formed your location or ours. Call for details.

Workshop Photos

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sample photo
sample photo
Steve Gottlieb