Tidewater Camera Club

Are you at the mercy of the light that's available? Do your on-camera flash photos look flat and predictable? With a little knowledge, practice and equipment, you can take control of light. This course covers portable flash on-camera and off, specifically: when to use flash; light modifying tools (bounce cards, Stofen, Fong, etc.); how to combine flash with available light (including flash-fill to reduce high contrast and using ambient light as "fill" in flash photos); how to make flash replicate great natural lighting; how to bounce flash effectively off ceiling, walls and reflectors; and how to balance interior and exterior light. You will learn to visualize a result that is different from what you see in front of you . . . and then add (or subtract) light to achieve the desired result.

Location: Chesapeake City, MD
Cost: $99.00 (Attendees receive a FREE copy of Steve's book, Cecil County: A Personal Portrait)
Experience: Basic understanding of camera functions.
Equipment: SLR and battery operated flash. (Note: if you don't have your own flash and are using a Canon camera, we rent Canon flash for $25/day)
Optional Equipment: Tripod.
Minimum Class Size: 10
Maximum Class Size: 18
Schedule: 10AM - 6PM


During a one hour lunch break, there will be a slide show about flash photography. Optional: students may order a sandwich, etc. for $12, which is delivered to Horizon's studio.

For samples of Steve's flash images and student photos, go to regular Flash Magic course page: http://www.horizonworkshops.com/workshops.html?cr=29

Students are welcome to join Steve for a drink or dinner in Chesapeake City after the class.


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