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Are you at the mercy of available light? Do your flash photos look flat and predictable? You can learn to imagine the lighting you want in your head...and then make it happen by adding (and sometimes subtracting) light to achieve that result. With a little knowledge and practice, you can take control of light. Using one, and occasionally two, battery operated flash, this class will cover:

•Why use flash in the first place, especially with cameras having high ISO capability
•Pros and cons of light modifying tools, like Stofen, Lumiquest, Fong
•Combining flash and ambient light (including using flash as "fill" and ambient as "fill")
•Replicating the look of natural light with flash

•Using colored gels for special effects

•When to use umbrellas, reflectors, etc.

•Creating hair and edge lights

Location: Chesapeake City, MD
Cost: $99.00 (All participants receive a FREE copy of Steve's book: Cecil County: A Personal Portrait.)
Experience: Any
Equipment: Camera with battery operated flash
Optional Equipment: Tripod
Minimum Class Size: 9
Maximum Class Size: 18
Schedule: 9:30 - 5:30

Workshop Photos

sample photo
sample photo
Steve Gottlieb
 Students on Location (To view workshop photos, click here)