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As a staff photographer for National Geographic magazine for over 15 years, Bob Madden produced the photographs for more than twenty stories (he wrote some, too), and for several National Geographic books. Travels across all seven continents exposed him to an extraordinary diversity of cultures and customs, from the Yanomamo Indians in the jungles of Venezuela, to street life in Brooklyn, New York, to the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, the area Bob calls home. Bob has also been immersed in travel photography from another perspective: he served as Senior Assistant Editor and Director of Design at the National Geographic magazine and picture editor for National Geographic Kids magazine and National Geographic Books. His long list of awards and credits include: Magazine Photographer of the Year (twice); College Photographer of the Year; University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumni Award; and design awards from the Society of Publication Designers, The New York Art Directors Club, and Communication Arts.

Bob Madden Collage
To contact an individual, please remove the extra spaces we inserted. "Bob and class: Every one of you was a pleasure to get to know and to work with! ... With my new found confidence from the workshop, and the Bob Trick of stopping down flash by 2.3EV, I just took a bunch of goodies in Baltimore." - Greg M. (gmencotti @ yahoo.com)

"Thank you, Bob, for pushing my photography in a new direction. The workshop really exceeded my expectations. I am viewing the world differently after having spent a weekend with you and it's a better view. " - Michael M. (michael.moore @ usa.dupont.com)

"We all really enjoyed the weekend with you; It was a great experience, and I hope we all stay in touch." - Glenn F. (gfrieden @ comcast.net)

"You're a WILD MAN Bob! Thanks for such a great class! We all thoroughly enjoyed it." - Melissa K. (mkuzma @ comcast.net)

"I learned more in that weekend than I have in a lifetime. Bob is very easy going and patient. Having the opportunity to learn from him was a fantastic experience." - Tom A. (hiknva @ verizon.net)

"An excellent experience. The workshop was enjoyable and I learned a great deal." - Michelle T (mt1 @ rochester.rr.com)

"Very interesting approach to documenting a place while traveling." - Gila E (gila_efrati @ yahoo.com)

"It was an eye opener. Found a lot of stuff about the camera and how to take pictures the right way. The highlight of the workshop was on the spot feedback while shooting." - Venkat R (VBVR @ yahoo.com)

"Bob's expertise really helped me learn. His photographic approach inspired me to plan my photo sessions more, so I can spend my shooting time 'feeling' the images." - Lori O. (lori.overmyer @ yahoo.com)

"It reawakened my enjoyment of photography." - Mary P. (porreca2 @ verizon.net)

"The whole weekend was great! I discovered entirely new perspectives." - Winnie W. (wwos @ lindabury.com)