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To contact an individual, please remove the extra spaces we inserted. "The interaction and detailed explanations have given me more confidence in my skills. Great personal attention!" - Olga T. (olgatarrantphotography @

"Very informative. Lots of hands on. Learned a lot about interaction with models and received great feedback from instructor." - Graham T. (mac @

"Fantastic. Great to be able to constantly be shooting." - George M. (gmakris @

"It was great to learn about the psychology of models." - Mathew D. (photomandwyer @

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe was great at explaining and helping. I realize that I have all the equipment I need...just need to learn how to use it all." - Kylie B. (kylieberryphotography @

"Great! Had a chance to do many things in the studio that I wanted to try." - Randy S. (orandeeo @

"Had a great time. I was exposed to and learned a lot. " - Mike P. (sleepypillows @

"A very intense and detailed workshop. I wish it were longer. Joe is amazing in discussing details." - Gabriel R. (grubico @

"Good practical knowledge...very informative and hand-on. Learned a lot about interacting with models." - Tim M. (tgmgovern @

"Awesome workshop. Joe's one-on-one tips were really helpful. " - Randall B. (randallboardman @

"Once again, the Horizon experience was awesome. Joe is upbeat and always informative." - Elizabeth S. (elizabethannsykes @

"Intense! The hands-on experience was great for learning how to work with and direct the models. (Great job, Joe!)" - Gary B. (g.bunney @

"I enjoyed the day and learned quite a few tips and tricks. I learned how to pose and to give specific instruction to the models." - Dave M. (davemcintosh @

"Equal to three or four workshops." - Berl T. (berlthomas @

"Excellent. Very informative, info packed with direct feedback...and no bs." - Dennis P. (popjond @