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Steve Gottlieb's photography ranges from architecture to people to landscapes. His images have been recognized with such awards as "Advertising Photograph of the Year" in both NYC and Washington, DC. He is the photographer (as well as author and designer) of American Icons, Washington: Portrait of a City and Abandoned America, which was selected by both People Magazine and USA Today as a "2002 Gift Book of the Year." Steve has been designated as one of a half-dozen "Kodak Professional Icons" in the U.S. After graduating from Columbia College and Law School, Steve practiced law for a decade before turning his life-long hobby into his vocation. Steve is Horizon's founder and director. In addition, he leads workshops to promote innovation and team-building in organizations. (see www.visionmining.biz)
Steve Gottlieb Collage
To contact an individual, please remove the extra spaces we inserted. "It was enjoyable and informative. Steve was always accessible for help and instruction, and the sites provided great photo opportunities." - Rachel M. (rmann @ drnpa.org)

"Fantastic! I learned to photograph without thinking, 'I can fix this in Photoshop later,' but to take a great shot the first time." - Jin Y. (jingrbread @ yahoo.com)

"The most significant thing I learned was patience; take time before taking pictures!" - Paul V. (pvigy44 @ gmail.com)

"This was a great opportunity to concentrate on my photography while learning -- from Steve, as well as from the other students. " - George R. (george.a.reiner @ verizon.net)

"Freeing, challenging, instructive but not stuffy, expanded my vision and renewed my interest in and passion for photography. Great locations. Steve made it clear that you don't need thousands of dollars to take great photos." - Larry J. (ldlwjones @ verizon.net)

"Completely enjoyable, and fully met expectations. Highlights were listening to Steve explain his thought process and disconnecting from Program mode and returning to manual roots." - Warren G. (wagreen @ comcast.net)

"Excellent. Got me out of my comfort zone to try new ideas." - Ken F. (ken @ datasyscom.com)