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Horizon Director Steve Gottlieb and other Horizon Instructors offer one-day workshops for camera clubs and other organized groups at a special group rate. The workshops Steve leads are on the subjects of "Flash Magic" and "Creative Vision." If you would like to create a class for your group, call Steve to arrange a date. (Note: Minimum class size is 10, maximum is 20.) If you would like to register for a scheduled class, please click on the relevant link. (If you want to participate but are not a member of the club or group, you can join; the website of the relevant club or meet-up group will provide information about joining.) Below is a list of some upcoming (and past) events.

Horizon instructors may be available as speakers and judges for club events. (See below).

Abandoned Factory

Baltimore Camera Club

Coastal Camera Club

DC Area Camera Clubs

Delaware Photographic Society

Fair Hill Nature Photographers


Mid-Atlantic Area Camera Club Members Only

North Bethesda Camera Club

Northern Virginia Photographic Society

Tidewater Camera Club
Steve Gottlieb is a frequent speaker and judge at Camera Clubs, as well as a keynoter at photography events and a lecturer at PhotoExpo in New York City. Here are the subjects he speaks on:
  • 43 Things to Think About BEFORE You Press the Shutter

  • On the American Road: My Life in Photography

  • Flash Magic: Create Great Light When & WHERE You Need It

  • Creating a Photo Book: Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

Some of the clubs where he has spoken/judged:
Delaware Photographic Society (DE) Baltimore Camera Club (MD)
Silver Spring Camera Club (MD) Tidewater Camera Club (MD)
Fair Hill Meet-Up Group (MD) North Bethesda Camera Club (MD)
Delaware Valley Camera Club (PA) Berks Camera Club (PA)
Teaneck Camera Club (NJ) Chestertown Arts Council (MD)
Cranbury Digital Camera Club (NJ) Bowie-Crofton Camera Club (MD)
Photographic Society of Vineland (NJ) Northern Virginia Photographic Society (VA)
Coastal Camera Club (DE) Vienna Photographic Society (VA)
Testimonials from camera club and meet-up group workshops (For additional testimonials, see the "bio & testimonials" link found on our regular workshop pages)

"Very inspiring. Appreciating the simplicity of the equipment and bounce lighting techniques were the highlight." - annickhughes @ gmail.com

"A lot of useful, practical information—and individualized instruction." - cjpayne4 @ comcast.net

"I didn't know much about flash. This class was very enlightening. Thanks." - carol.gomez @ mchsi.com

"Excellent. So many new ideas and a good explanation of the fundamentals." - grammysueandpop @ comcast.net

"Great session. I want to spend more time using flash." - dwevick @ hotmail.com

"Loved it. Helped me balance ambient and flash. Great hands on learning." - george.evancho @ me.com

"Excellent. Appreciated personal feedback and problem solving and Steve's humor and easy going style." - leslielesko @ verizon.net

"Fantastic! Fun and informative. Learned about mixing flash and ambient...and Steve's stories were great." - splashii @ hotmail.com

"Loved it! Not being a naturally creative person, it really helped." - jrconcours @ verizon.net

I really appreciated everyone's kindness, friendliness and help! It was a great first meet-up experience!! Steve was great at teaching and explained everything in full detail!! But all who attended the class where helpful too!! I totally look forward to learning and sharing more with you all! - Ann Vandiver (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/11535004/)

Great class, good organization. Steve was able to do "show and tell" mixed with teaching. Very good job, Steve. Thanks. Looking forward to the next one. - John Franco (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/10272094/)

Boy, I learned a lot. I mostly shoot landscape and almost never used flash outside. During this workshop we learned the basics of the flash and magic of lighting with it. A revelation to me was using the camera in Manual mode and letting the flash do the rest! My results were better to what I shot on auto-exposure. Having Steve along on part of the afternoon shoot taught me a lot about bounce inside/outside and how to bring out more texture and depth to objects in flash range. I still have a lot more experimenting to do but I received a good foundation for doing this from this workshop. - Thomas Szewczuk (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/9175610/)

Most of us have a flash attachment but have we really figured out how to get good results from it. This all day workshop went a long way in showing me (and getting me to try) some techniques that will get me improved results. I was impressed with Steve's use of some basic stuff like foil, paper, and gaffer's tape. - Joseph Pasquale (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/10727606/)

Five stars for sure! Excellent class! Steve is really good at both telling and demonstrating to get it all across so one can understand it. - Fuzzy (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/9944098/)

I appreciate the time Steve spend with our group. He has the ability to simply explain the technique through a demonstration so that everyone understands how "magic" flash is. - Jim Haldeman (http://www.meetup.com/FAIR-HILL-MD-NATURE-PHOTOGRAPHY-meetup-group/members/7369214/)