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Chapter I: Creating a Photo Book: The Journey Begins

Today marks my first blog entry. My blog will focus on the subject of how to create a photography book. I will explore the subject through a "case study." As you can guess from the illustration above, the book’s subject will be bathrooms. Creating a mock-up cover is the formal beginning of my bathroom journey. Over the next year or so, I plan to talk about:
  • Choosing the subject of my book
  • Choosing the pictures for the book
  • Taking the pictures…where, when, how, why
  • Editing and sequences the pictures
  • Choosing title & subtitle
  • Writing captions and an introduction
  • Developing a layout
  • Selecting an online printer
  • Printing the book; this may be the end of the line or…
  • Using my self-published book as a possible springboard to traditional publishing
  • Marketing the book
As I cover these subjects, I will try to offer useful tips to those interested in creating their own books. (If you want personal guidance about your own book project, I’m now offering a new one-day Horizon class called “Creating a Photo Book.” Dates are August 6 and December 4, 2011.)

It’s been nearly a decade since I happily wandered all over the country taking pictures for two prior books, American Icons and Abandoned America. With Flush: Images & Musings About Bathrooms, I now have a great excuse to get back on the road and discover some new places and people. I look forward to sharing some adventures with you.